Our Team


Ray Weaver, Chief Executive Officer

Ray Weaver brings a seasoned and pragmatic perspective to coaching. As a 30-year US Air Force veteran and senior enlisted advisor to organizational leaders, Ray developed extraordinary awareness and appreciation for individual leadership and its potential to shape organizations, make positive and lasting change, and create the culture and structure to grow thriving communities and families. For nearly 35 years, he has coached and mentored leaders from a wide range of industries including aviation, medicine, communications, education, and public service.   As a coach, he connects with each client, building an atmosphere of trust. Through the coach process, he empowers leaders to define and communicate their vision, develop behaviors which exemplify their organization’s values, and build relationships to sustain optimum achievement.

Ray’s method is open dialog. Instead of positioning himself as the expert with all the answers, he uses powerful questions to help clients discover new perspectives and solutions to challenges and changing needs. He partners with clients as they develop clear strategies to improve team performance, lead successful organizational and community change efforts, and build future leaders who possess heart, head and guts to overcome and successfully navigate their organizations through present and future situations.

Ray is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) and adheres to the organizations practices and standards required to hold the credentials. He has undergraduate and graduate credentials in Strategic and Executive Leadership and Coaching.  Ray is a devoted man of God and values his family, loves his wife and see the humanity in everyone he meets.  He enjoys reading, golfing and staying healthy and fit.

Ray is a Mentor Coach for the University of California at Davis Extension Coaching for Work/Life program, Executive Coach and Leadership Development Trainer for the University of California at Davis Center of Human Services, and an advisor to the Board of Directors of the 10-33 Foundation. He too has coached and or facilitated Leadership and Management training and seminars for multinational corporations, US Government agencies, state government agencies, entrepreneurial enterprises, non-profits and individuals. 

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